White's Softness for the Baby's Room

Before the birth of my third child, I wondered how I should decorate his room and what colour I should paint it. Whenever I'm expecting a child, I make it a point to design a unique room. Maybe it's the designer in me, but I like to think that since every baby is different, he or she deserves a one-of-a-kind design. I'm not talking about spending a fortune, but about exploring a new palette, even another theme, and recycling decorative items that once belonged to your older children.

During my research, white stood out to me. I knew I was expecting a boy, but white's softness, both bright and soothing at the same time, really appealed to me. It lets you, among other things, play with the texture of tone-on-tone material — painted white wooden planks mounted on the wall, for example, can add a very interesting dimension to this room. And white marvellously compliments neutral colours such as gray or black.

Plus, since the new baby's room is quite small, white makes it look larger. To brighten up the room, I added colour accents: framed pictures with shades of red, yellow and gray and a colourful fabric streamer with an animal print, unearthed in a magazine for children, I hung above the window. I also refurbished an old, sun-shaped mirror with a gilded frame that I found just lying around in the basement and put it above the bed, creating a truly beautiful effect.

Even if you know your baby's gender beforehand, you don't have to limit yourself to blue or pink. White and other neutral colours are a worthy solution and can give your baby's room a vintage-style or Scandinavian look, depending on your own twist.