The Power of Pastels

With spring and Easter right around the corner, our eyes are increasingly exposed to an array of bright and happy pastel colours: from spring fashion collections to Easter gift displays and fresh blooms at the market.

This year is a big year for pastels.

They’re at the forefront of every fashion house’s spring and summer collection, with chambrays, peach tones, faded mustards and soft aquas popping up everywhere. We often associate pastel colours with being childish and feminine, but when used in the right ways, pastels can be successfully integrated in even the most masculine decor.

There are a few rules to follow when integrating pastels in your home.

Dosage is always important. Don't infuse your home with a rainbow of pastels. Instead, choose one or two pastel tones, chambray and lavender in the case above, and repeat them sparsely in your décor. 

Tone is another important factor.

It may be tempting to go with the brightest hue on the wheel, but muted and greyed-out pastels are much more versatile and timeless than bright ones, especially when a large surface is concerned, such as an entire wall, a sofa or a rug. I personally love muddy pastels, the ones that have a chalky faded quality to them. They’re moody but bright at the same time, which means they look great under any light.

Finally, consider the notion of balance.

A healthy dose of neutrals or black-and-white tones is necessary to make the pastels pop. The last thing you want is for a room to look like it’s been dipped in a fairy floss machine. Follow these three principles and you will have a pastel-filled room that’s elegant, subdued and highly desired.