The oh-so-glamourous return of art deco


In the design world, just as in science, everyone can agree upon a certain phenomenon. It’s the one that governs the seasons, natural rhythms, and our day-to-day lives—it’s the cycle. Trends come and go, ebb and flow like the tide, yet they do so in an unending, ever-repeating rhythm.

The same goes with the fashions that made history—they often come back into our lives later on, pleasing us to no end. In recent years, it’s art deco that’s been back with a vengeance. According to Merriam-Webster, art deco is “a popular design style of the 1920s and 1930s”. Think of the resplendent world of The Great Gatsby, the Belle Époque, and the Roaring Twenties—that’s art deco to a T.

Emerging on the heels of World War One, art deco is the symbol of a period of great freedom, with France going full-on euphoric at war’s end. So it comes as no surprise that the style embodies celebration, glamour, and the super chic!

Want to get in on the party? Here are 3 simple ways to add a bit of art deco to your home!

Out: melamine. In: high-quality materials.

To give your décor more glam, invest in timeless, high-quality materials. Think velvet or felt, for instance. We especially love these materials in darker shades, such as opulent navy blue or emerald green. Accessories-wise, marble and gilded metals are very apropos.

Deep and captivating colours

Let yourself be enveloped by the deep and bold shades that underpin art deco trends. Dark blues like Midnight Tryst (6011-83), curry yellows like Olive Chartreuse (6102-54) and jade greens like Grand Manan Black (6161-83) are your keys to rich, personality-infused décor. Don’t hold back, move boldly forward. In the bedroom, a darker shade will bypass any need for you to count sheep!

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Shape play

Art deco is all about gold, deep colours and…geometric shapes! That’s why it’s the total opposite of its predecessor, art nouveau, which was more focused roundness and natural inspiration. Rather than earth tone murals, art deco asks us to embrace strict geometric patterns, to breath dynamism into our spaces. Play with it through furniture and accessories. You’ll see, you’re going to love all the eye-catching contrasts!

With swaths of velvet, gilding, and deep shades, you can enjoy this warm and luxurious style too!