Small Spaces, Big Potential: Exploring Tiny Houses

How would you feel about living in a space three times smaller than your current home? A true revolution in housing, the tiny house movement is getting bigger and bigger. 
With the look of upscale new homes, tiny houses are gaining popularity with a growing number of Quebecers. The appeal? These minimalist living spaces free their owners from costly mortgages and let them adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.
This new architectural innovation is already spurring reflection on living space and functionality. Although some families opt for this cost-friendly, energy-efficient lifestyle, it’s far from the norm. Often used as second homes, these compact living spaces are sold at a fraction of what a regular house costs. They also have enormous potential. Living with less in a 100% functional, eco-friendly home: welcome to the house of the future!

Tiny house pros: 

  • Tiny mortgage payments
  • Tiny heating bills
  • Tiny property taxes
  • Tiny maintenance costs
  • Tiny insurance premiums
  • Tiny environmental impact

Tiny house cons: 

  • A restricted living space may suit singles and couples, but isn’t always appropriate for families.
  • Regulatory restrictions in certain municipalities mean that legally, tiny houses may be considered to be mobile homes. As a result, you may not be able to live in one year-round. 
  • Due to their tiny cost, it can be difficult or even impossible to obtain a mortgage for a tiny house.
  • Tiny homes don’t grow in value over time.

Success stories from here and afar

In search of an economical, ecological and minimalist lifestyle, a growing number of Quebecers are joining the tiny house movement. Just look at the Lantier Tiny House Festival, which is moving to Montreal’s Old Port for its third year. The first-ever festival attracted 7,000 visitors, and the second was just as popular.