Ready, Set, Cozy!

10 must-haves for relaxing decor
Fall is a season of contrasts. On one hand, leaves turn beautiful, vibrant colours. On the other, gloomy grey skies and cold temperatures can quickly get you down. 

As winter peaks its head around the corner, there’s an overwhelming urge to seek warmth and comfort at home sweet home. In Denmark, there’s a special word for that feeling you get when sipping hot chocolate by the fire or curling up with a good book in thick wool socks: hygge. It’s all about those little moments of joy that make you feel comforted and well. 

In North America, we have our own word: cocooning. It’s a term that describes the growing urge to be so comfortable at home, you don’t feel the need to venture outside. Call it our version of hygge! Because happiness can be found under a pile of cozy throws, here are 10 essentials for creating warm, inviting spaces that practically force you to relax.

1 – Comfort by candlelight

What could be more relaxing than the soft glow of an open flame? If you don’t have a fireplace, lighting a few candles is enough to create warmth and fill the room with Zen. Why not opt for scented candles? They’ll soothe your senses and plunge you into a relaxed state of mind.
Source: The Future Kept

2 – A low coffee table for down-to-earth dining

A low coffee table invites you to spend cozy moments seated comfortably in front of the TV. Choose real wood for a look that evokes nature and momentarily takes your mind to the great outdoors. Low tables are also ideal for showcasing objects that make you feel calm and relaxed, or for setting down a warm cup of tea.  
Source: Pinterest

3 – You can never have enough fur - or wool

Sheepskins, cable-knit cushions, wool plaid blankets, recycled fur throws: the choices are endless! Let natural fibres warm up your living room and add a touch of the country to your cozy space.  
Source: Dentelle et Fleurs

4 – Cushions, cushions and more cushions

It’s a fact: cushions mean calm. For a space that’s sure to take you to snooze city, pile on the accent pillows—you really can’t go wrong! Forget about minimalism for the moment. There’s no such thing as too many cushions. Consider replacing their covers with styles in velvet, suede, wool or cotton.

Source: My Scandinavian Home

5 – A reading nook

If there’s one thing that we love to do on vacation but make too little time for in daily life, it’s getting lost in a good book. Creating a reading nook will give you that carefree feeling you get on a relaxing afternoon at the beach.
Source: Simply Groove

6 – Oh-so-soft lighting

Lighting has a bigger effect on your mood than you might think. Cozy decor means creating a serene ambiance. So say goodbye to harsh fluorescent lighting and hello to frosted bulbs and mood lighting. 
Source: Luminaire Authentik

7 – Dreamy colours

Colours play a big role in our lives. Whether you notice it or not, the colours that surround you in daily life impact your mood. Sico’s fall colours are a great way to take on the changing seasons with a nod to nature. In harmony with the natural world, these shades run the gamut from blue, purple and dark grey to dreamy soft pastels. They’re perfect for pairing with natural materials like walnut, fur, and wool blankets.

8 – The big cover-up

Speaking of blankets, they’re crucial for taking cocooning to a whole new level. In addition to adding texture to a room, they create an undeniable feeling of calm, taking you into relaxation mode in a matter of moments.

9 – Green accents for a hint of summer (or not)

What better way to get through the long winter months than bringing rich, vibrant green into your home? Try it for a new take on the cocooning look! 

Psst! Stay in the fall colour palette with our Ocean Abyss or Cranbrook Stone greens. 
Source: The Chromologist

10 – Luminotherapy space

Vitamin D is known as “the sun vitamin” because our skin generates it when exposed to UVB rays. It has been proven that all Canadians are vitamin-D deficient from October to April. Even though the winter sun isn’t enough to provide the recommended daily amount, it’s still important for your mental health to bask in it for a few minutes a day. So don’t forget to rearrange your furniture to maximize your exposure and catch some of those precious few rays!
Source: My Scandinavian Home

Fun fact:

Hominess: a home-based feeling of warmth and community—is a distinctly Canadian term.