(Re)discover the wonder of neutrals!


You’ve probably heard the term “neutral colours,” and you may have a vague idea of what it means. Neutrals are the beige and brown tones that coat the walls of your mom and dad’s house, right? Wrong!

Theoretically speaking, neutrals are the colours that aren’t found on the colour wheel: white, beige, brown, grey and black. They’re sometimes referred to as being without colour. But don’t be fooled: each neutral contains subtle undertones that make the overall shade warmer or cooler, depending on its composition. This means that a brown-tinged olive green or a greyish purple are also considered neutrals, even though they clearly contain colourful hues. Experimenting with undertones opens up a world of possibilities for decorating with neutrals in ways that are anything but boring!


In the opinion of some interior decorators, almost all colours, except the pure colours of the colour wheel, are actually neutrals, as they contain hidden undertones. Let’s take a look at some of these new neutrals: three shades that are especially trendy in 2019. They’re sure to inspire sleek, clean looks for your home.

Seashore Pebble (6230-31)

A standard beige with orangey-pink undertones, Seashore Pebble (6230-31) is at home almost everywhere, from the kitchen to the living room. Soft and calming, this understated paint colour conveys a homey atmosphere that encourages relaxation.


It’s especially great for small family rooms where quality time is a must. Paired with a darker ceiling, Seashore Pebble (6230-31) cocoons the room in dreamy colour; perfect for kicking back and letting your worries drift away.


Mushroom Moose (6185-11)

On first appearance, white seems like the world’s most basic colour. But it gets a lot more complicated when you try to choose the right shade for your wall. White that’s too white will reflect light in a way that looks unnatural. Go too grey, on the other hand, and you’ll lose the clean look you were going for. Mushroom Mousse (6185-11) is an ultra-versatile off-white shade that’s sure to become your secret decorating weapon. Perfectly timeless, it also matches any decor style.

Volcanic Rocks (6208-83)

Rich and sophisticated, the deep grey shade Volcanic Rocks (6208-83)  will add punch to any room of your home with its beautiful organic tones. This go-anywhere colour is also great for highlighting architectural elements and making your space look bigger.


In the bathroom, it lends a modern look and creates a peaceful oasis. Use it on an accent wall behind a headboard or in the dining room for stunning results.


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