Peaceful pastels: 3 colours for creating your sanctuary


Making your home a haven of rest and relaxation is more doable than you think—with a little help from our friend colour psychology. Promote wellness in your house.
Drop words like “doldrums” and “blues” from your vocabulary. Lean into a soothing colour palate.

The experts at Sico have handpicked 3 shades from 2019’s coolest colour trends to help you kick back and relax like never before. 

Violet Ambiance

In the worlds of fashion and interior design, bright pinks are stepping aside for violets. Evoking a sense of comfort just about anywhere, dustier purples tend to have an equal effect women and men. Shades of mauve are also associated with wisdom, creativity, independence, mystery, and even magic! So why don’t you cast a little spell on your bedroom for even sweeter dreams?

Design Ideas

Violet Ambiance (6013-31) gets even more glorious alongside coppers, golds, and silvers. Tie in touches of off-white for a more perfect balance. Want a bit of drama?  Throw in a deeper purple—even yellow—piece to contrast. Then your space will be all set for meditation, deep sleep, and recharging your batteries.

Venician Sky

From pastels to raspberry, a pink palate was once relegated to kids’ rooms. Oh how things have changed! Softer pinks are now welcomed guests in home offices, and for good reason. According to Feng Shui, pink fosters feelings of calm and relaxation, as well as sustained concentration, creating the perfect setting for brainstorming and creative endeavours. So what’s the secret behind Sico’s Venician Sky (6082-41)? Spoiler alert: it’s the perfect dose of brick red softened to perfection.

All in the Layout 

Your home office’s stripped-down look will mainly come down to getting your layout to maximize spaciousness. Say an emphatic goodbye to any clutter and dress up those walls. Let the lovely Venecian Sky (6082-41) do all the heavy lifting and keep your furniture streamlined and simple—think light wood and white.

Need some contrast? Yellowy greens and touches of gold are your best bets.


Manhattan Blue

Blue skies equal happy faces. Just like its cool colour cousins, blue conveys a feeling of vastness and freshness, even in the narrowest of spaces. Manhattan Blue (6170-31) boasts subtle character graced with a hint of indigo, ushering a sense of calm into your everyday life.

Design Ideas

Manhattan Blue (6170-31) is the perfect complement to a predominantly white washroom, pairing perfectly with white moulding and accents that fall anywhere on the caramel-to-grey spectrum. Throw in accessories of bronze or gold for timeless class. This shade of blue will keep you feeling refreshed from sun up to sun down. 

Peace of mind for a great price is synonymous with Sico and its palate of soothing colours. Transform your interior one room at a time with inspiration from our many articles online!