Mystic Cobalt: 5 inspiring ideas for using the SICOTM colour of the year

We all agree on one thing: deep-blue Mystic Cobalt (6008-73), SICOTM’s colour of the year for 2020, is a combination of opulence, inspiration and timelessness. Even so, many people are intimidated by dark colours, which is why we’re offering some inspiring ideas to help you use the colour in your home.

Whether used prominently or on an accent wall, dark colours are a powerful way to revamp any décor. Simply paging through a magazine or browsing the pins on Pinterest underscores just how many designers are playing with boldness and colour to create up-to-date rooms. Yet even though we’ve scoured the Web and our Pinterest boards are full of inspiration, when it comes time to dive into the project, nothing compares to expert advice!

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The seasoned team of designers at our partner Hop Déco, a completely unique online interior design service, came up with five styles that feature our colour of the year. Read on!


Do some of your furnishings have velour accents? Do you love noble materials like wood and marble? Then the classic style is right for you! To successfully recreate this look, juxtapose texture, noble materials and one dominant type of metal, like the gold here, for a rich aesthetic.

Complementary colour: Banana Leaf (6096-84)

New country

Lush with textiles and natural materials, the new country style evokes balance, calm and going back to basics. It’s ideal for people who want to reconnect with nature and want their home to feel a world away from the daily hubbub. Wood panels, jute, straw, branches, greenery and earthy tones, like yellow ochre, go together instinctively and soften cobalt blue.
Complementary colour: Allongé (6091-63)

Rustic industrial

This is where two worlds collide: rustic décor’s characteristic wood accents warm up the industrial metal elements. The rule for making this look work is to forget about pre-concocted arrangements and ready-made kits. Take a risk by mixing furniture and wood types! A cobalt blue backdrop emphasizes natural fibres and sets off pieces in matte black steel. 

Complementary colour: Basalt Grey (6208-63)

Modern comfort

This style will work if you use sharp, straight lines. The key is to base the look on a structured effect. Think of using cobalt-blue bands or zones to divide a space. The modern comfort style looks stunning with steel accessories and a touch of greige.

Complementary colour: Chanterelle Beige (6185-31)

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Colourfully eclectic

 Let your creativity run wild! Vibrant colours, velour, textures, mouldings and plenty of plants… the rule of thumb here is the more the better! The walls need embellishment—thing gallery walls—and the furniture should be imposing. In this look that virtually exudes opulence, cobalt blue meets it match with other dark tones, like purple, mustard yellow and forest green.

Complementary colour: Jade Stone (6133-53)

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As you can see, there are a thousand and one ways to use Mystic Cobalt (6008-73) in your home. What would you do? Redesign the room of your choice according to your tastes, your schedule and your budget with Hop Déco’s new Web platform, which puts you in touch with friendly professional interior designers.

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