MUSE or SICO EVOLUTION: which collection is right for your home paint project?

Kicking off an interior design project and need some paint? It’s easy to get lost in the seemingly endless shelves of product out there! So here’s a guide to help you make the right choice between SICO® 's two most innovative paint lines: Muse and Sico Evolution.

What’re you going to do in the space? How frequently will you be washing the walls? What colour intensity are you looking for? These are three questions you’ll need to answer before settling on the proper product line for you. Know that how you’ll use the room is one of the biggest factors to consider when making your decision.

But first thing’s first—here’s a primer on each product!

Sico Muse

Sico Muse is Sico’s most sophisticated paint yet. It’s a 100% acrylic 2-in-1 interior product containing a primer plus a mould-resistant agent for maximum durability.
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Key benefits:
●   TOUCH RESIST TECHNOLOGYTM gets you exceptional colour richness and depth
●   Its soft matte finish is the mattest on the market
●   Muse is both tough and durable, unlike many other matte finishes, which tend to be more vulnerable to scratching.
●   Boasts a mould-inhibiting agent.
●   With 32 versatile, neutral colours in the collection—handpicked by our colour experts—you only need one coat to quickly transform any space with Sico Muse’s 32 colour one-coat paint collection!
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Sico Evolution

Easy-to-apply and ultra-washable, Sico Evolution paints are high-hiding and make upkeep a snap. See for yourself in just one coat!
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Key benefits:
●   DURABILITTM technology with polymers makes for easy wall upkeep (washable and scrubbable).
●   High-hiding and enhanced opacity mean you can paint on raw gypsum without primer. 
●   Five finishes: flat for ceilings, flat, eggshell, pearl, and semi-gloss.

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What now?

If you’re looking for the right colour paint with unrivalled richness and depth, then the Sico Muse collection is for you! However, if the little ones in your house tend to get handsy with the walls, it’s wiser to opt for an ultra-washable formula like Sico Evolution’s.

Here are some tips to narrow down your selection—room by room

Master bedroom:
For richness and depth: Sico Muse, soft matte finish
For easy upkeep and high-hiding properties: Sico Evolution, flat or eggshell finish

Kid’s room:
For making colours pop: Sico Muse, soft gloss finish
For scrub-resistance and ultra-washability: Sico Evolution, eggshell or pearl finish

Kitchen and washroom:
For its mould-inhibiting agent: Sico Muse, soft matte or soft gloss finish

Living room:
For a wow effect and super cozy vibes: Sico Muse, matte finish
For easy upkeep: Sico Evolution, flat or eggshell finish

Furniture and cabinets:
Furniture and cabinets are often subject to wear and tear, staining, not to mention humidity. Your best bet for protection: Sico Furniture and Cabinets paint!

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Refer to the table below to make the right choice for each of your indoor painting projects!