Kid’s room: 3 designs inspired by nature


At playtime, bedtime, through their latest discoveries and outlandish stories, children make us see the world in colourful new ways. Return the favour and design a place for them to create their very own colour-filled universe. Time to say goodbye to yesterday’s decor and make room for adventure! Discover nature-inspired spaces that will probably make you a little jealous of the kids who live there.


For your little animal’s personal zoo, cardboard wall hangings and animal images with minimalist colour schemes pair perfectly with soft tones like Sico’s earthy pinks. Decor tip: wood pieces featuring lighter shades are an emerging trend—more neutral furniture will definitely see your children through more of their childhood than other colours.

Catch soft pinks in children’s rooms too. Bygone are the days of painting a girl’s room candy pink. More now than ever, we’re observing shades of pink across living spaces. Following in the footsteps of unisex fashion, pinks like Vanilla Crystal (6188-31) now belong to everyone—and every room, too.

Into the jungle—a tropical mood

Parents want their kids playing outside as much as possible—it’s a tale as old as time. As tech takes up more and more of our attention, connecting our kids to nature has become so important.

What’s behind tropical design?

Create the feeling of being all wrapped up with Bombay Cat (6203-73) on the ceiling and a complementary colour like Sleeping Water (6168-31) on the doors for balance. Consider wallpaper with oversized foliage patterns, plus earth-coloured stuffed animals, wood pieces, and neutral bedding made of natural fibres like linen and cotton. Next step: watch your little adventurer tend to their own “indoor garden”…and see how they grow!

Geneviève Everell collab with Hop Deco



With a bit of imagination, you can design a fun-filled, timeless bedroom—on a budget. Go with neutral tones so you won’t have to sweat adding colourful furniture and toys later on as your kid gets bigger.

Doing this mountainscape yourself is pretty much child’s play.

DIY tip: you’ll want to take two Sico paints—like Soho Blue (6170-52) and Industrial Blue (6170-73)—masking tape, and some creative energy up with you to the summit!

It’s all about revamping—not renovating—when it comes to your kid’s room. Going this route gives you more room to dream up a new world with them, while still staying within your budget. Want more creative ideas? The articles on IDEA by Sico got you covered.