Just one coat and that’s it?

Make it happen with SICO MUSETM’s 32 colour one-coat paint collection!
Honesty hour: the idea of repainting a space is exciting, but it can also feel like giant chore is on the horizon. Moving the furniture out, protecting all your surfaces, taking several days to paint two to three coats of paint—ugh! Lucky for you, the Sico Muse one-coat colour collection can turn the task into a much shorter project, which turns out is much more fun!

You can’t go wrong with the Sico Muse one-coat colour collection. How’s that? First off, it’s super practical: we’re dealing with a 2-in-1 paint and primer here, and that saves you time and money. Then there’s its Touch ResistTM technology, which imparts exceptional richness and depth to paints while also making them mark resistant. Plus, there’s an agent in the paint inhibits the growth of mould, effectively extending the life of your painted surfaces. Last and not least: because you can get it in 32 deep and versatile colours that go with any interior. Just one coat and that’s it!

Ready to transform your home in a single day and just one coat? Follow the following 4 steps for top-notch results!

Step 1: Procure high-quality paint 

That’s what you’re doing when you purchase Sico Muse one-coat paints. With smooth, consistent texture and high-hiding properties, you can rest easy knowing the colour you’re painting over won’t show up from under the new one. The key word here is opacity.

Step 2: Choose a colour that’s already been tested in harsh conditions

Want to repaint a black or dark red wall? Fear not. The experts at SICO® have handpicked each and every colour, testing them atop all kinds of shades—including the most difficult ones to paint over. Whether you want to drastically change your interior or simply save some time, the Sico Muse one-coat collection is the tried-and-tested option.

Step 3: Opt for quality tools

The Sico Muse one-coat collection is Sico’s most sophisticated paint yet. That’s why you’ll need professional-grade rollers and brushes to apply it. Forget old tools and discount store options. For optimal coverage, use brand-new 10 mm rollers and new, high-quality nylon or polyester brushes. That way, you’ll get the results you want in the end.

Step 4: Get enough paint on your roller

Don’t skimp! Make sure you follow the guidelines for how much paint to use per square foot of surface area so you get perfect, simple, and easy results.

If you want to make your creative projects come to life, remember that the Sico Muse one-coat collection is the proper choice. Available in soft matte and soft gloss finishes, this product line boasts its very own selection of neutral, calming tones.

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Ready to transform your home? Think one-coat Sico Muse!