Inviting Red into your Home, from the Kitchen to the Bathroom

Ah, red! This action-packed, energetic colour is known to stir up passionate opinions. Some love it, some can’t stand it. The colour of love, life, and power, red can even raise your blood pressure through its mere presence. This is one colour that’s not for the faint of heart!

Red’s strong personality makes it perfect for the parts of your home that buzz with activity. This warm colour spurs conversation, provokes desire and increases appetite. From apple red to garnet, here are 5 ways to bring red into any room of your home!

In the kitchen

In the words of celebrated French designer and colourist Jean-Gabriel Causse, “colours have a real influence on us, whether physiological or psychological.” That means finding the right colour palette for a room like the kitchen or dining room is crucial for creating a mood. For foodies, red piques the appetite and is reminiscent of the classic gingham tablecloth. Use it to pay tribute to joyful summer picnics!

In the family room

Feng Shui masters recommend red for the family room because it stimulates conversation. What’s more, the colour is known to make a room feel warmer by nearly two degrees ... perfect for making your family members feel warm and cozy while still saving on your heating bill!

In the bedroom

Looking to spice things up? Say goodbye to serene, peaceful hues and hello to a rich, exotic look with deep red walls. Red lends an Oriental effect, turning your bedroom into an elegant, luxurious hideaway. Use touches of wood and natural patterns and textures to complete this passion-filled look! 

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(Photo Credit: Maison et Demeure)

In the entranceway

Open the door to a bold new look! Nothing could be more dynamic and welcoming than a colorful front door. A vibrant, confident red like Marilyn (6502-33) will impress passers-by and, if Feng Shui experts are to be believed, convey a strong, unified family spirit.

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In the bathroom

Who says bathrooms can’t have colour and pep? An invigorating hue that sets the tone of a room, red is ideal for the bathroom. Although this room is an oasis of relaxation, it’s also one of the first places you go to in the morning, when you’re not quite awake yet. Red’s force and dynamism is a sure bet for energizing mornings!

(Photo Credit: Home Designing)