Go boldly forward with darker colours

It’s a common misconception that dark colours look boring—or even depressing—in home decor. The popular Scandinavian style, known for its light tones, is likely at the origin of this erroneous belief. But the savvy use of dark colours can add personality and punch to any room of the home! 

“Don’t dark colours make a space look smaller?” you ask. On the contrary! With the help of painting techniques and the use of contrasts, deep, dark shades can create optical illusions that make a space look bigger—if you use them right!

Check out our four top tips for decorating with deep colours in small, medium and large doses.


Small dose: On part of a wall


Not 100% ready to go over to the dark side? Use dark colours on smaller surfaces. You’ll quickly fall in love with the dramatic energy they add to a room! 

For example, paint your window frames in a bold colour to add dynamism to your decor and attract the eye towards the light from outside.

Another option is to paint doors in a deep colour. Whether you opt to transform the doors of your kitchen cabinets or those between rooms, it’s a simple way to add a subtle hit of darkness for a resolutely modern interior.

Medium dose: On an accent wall

Accent walls are a tried-and-true feature of interior design. These elegant additions of colour and texture never go out of style thanks to their supreme flexibility. In other words, the accent wall is perfect for any decor look!

Want to know how to pull it off? It couldn’t be simpler:  just apply a contrasting colour to the wall you want the eyes to focus on. Behind the dining table or a headboard are some good options. But really, you have as many possibilities as your home has walls!

Big dose: An entire room

Cozy spaces like family rooms can also be painted in a darker colour to create an enveloping effect. Painting an entire room in the same colour can unify a space and camouflage elements that might otherwise clash. It’s a great way to achieve a streamlined, understated look that’s still totally vibrant.

In any dose: Do your thing!

Want to adopt dark colours without totally repainting your walls? Go off the beaten path and get creative! Consider applying colourful geometric shapes to add movement and style to your room.

And why not cover your ceiling in a comforting wash of dark colour? High ceilings in dark colours create a cocooning effect and evoke the sophisticated style of art museums. Sounds good to us!

Do you dare to go dark?