Fill your home with the holiday spirit


That’s that? The pumpkins and witches are back in the basement? It can only mean one thing … time for the most wonderful time of the year: the holiday season!

Say goodbye to pumpkin lattes and hello to gingerbread hot chocolate. Put on the Michael Bublé Christmas album and watch the first snowflakes fall gently down to earth. The magic of the holidays is impossible to resist! And with it comes the inescapable urge to transform our homes into Santa’s workshop.

Because red and gold are far from the only festive hues, here are five colour palettes that will turn your home into a winter wonderland this season.

Tried and true

There’s a lot to be said for tradition. We have a big place in our hearts for the classic combination of red and green. One look at these hues instantly conveys the holiday spirit. And we’re glad it does, as it’s a great way to showcase rich accent tones like magnificent deep greens.

Just add a few decorative objects here and there, like bright red candles on the dining table or mistletoe garland on the banister. You can also play with different tones of green accented with white elements for a luxuriously natural holiday table.

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Colourful celebrations in pink and blue

This winter, why not go off the beaten path? If red and green is too conventional for you, opt for an airier colour palette that conveys a restful feeling.

Combining delicate pastels will help you create a calm, boho-chic ambiance to make your time off work even more relaxing. It’s ideal for recharging your batteries.

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Snow white

We all dream of a white Christmas. Plus, neutrals like white never go out of style. Combine it with golds or muted tones like fir green for a fresh look that evokes purity. It’s the perfect choice if you want Christmas to feel like a fairy tale! 

Christmas orange

Orange is the colour of embers and flames dancing in the fireplace, and of zesty holiday treats whipped up in the kitchen. Because Christmas is a time for celebrating as a family, energetic amber tones are ideal for creating a festive atmosphere.

Orange also signifies continuity with autumn. We especially adore Chinook Salmon (6063-63) orange, which pairs perfectly with forest green accents like Christmas wreaths.

Keeping it simple

The natural, pure look is as fashionable as ever in home decor. With the growing popularity of minimalism and zero waste, this style, with its subdued neutral colours, is the one to adopt when you’re looking for simplicity.

We especially adore the combination of Mushroom Mousse (6185-11) and Volcanic Rocks (6208-83). These colours look splendid with natural materials like wood, wool and fur: all must-haves for the ultra-trendy Scandinavian look. Just add a few accessories and a lot of candles for some holiday charm!


For the rest, let the magic of the holidays do its work!