Energy-boosting colours!


What they say is true: white is timeless and foundational to interior design. But when you really want to crank up the energy in your home, what you actually need to do is think outside the box.

Lucky for you, warm colours make for gallons upon gallons of warm feelings—quite literally! The term alone hints at energizing and uplifting vibes on top of beautiful living spaces. Warm colours are said to ignite conversation, stimulate desire, and even strengthen immunity. 

Into it yet? Fall under the spell of our energizing colour palette—tested by the colour experts at Sico!

Chinook Salmon (6063-63)

Add a bit of exotic flair and usher some warmth into your living room with the fabulous Chinook Salmon (6063-63). This vibrant and energizing colour inspires a feeling of instant well-being and exudes pure positivity. Just picture it: painting a tucked-away corner of the living room to create your own meditation, reading, or chill-out space. Meanwhile, the rest of the room remains neutral, making for a minimalist-yet-welcoming atmosphere.

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Bloody Mary (6057-65)

Red is a hot, action-packed colour. Powerful, passionate, and energetic, red is perfect for your high-traffic spaces—think the living room or kitchen, for instance. Rich and assertive, yet striking the perfect balance, Bloody Mary (6057-65) is just the right shade to spice up your dinner table conversations. Plus, red is known for stimulating the appetite! 

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Satin (6112-31)

We live in a country where winter takes an icy hold on our homes for more than six months of the year. Winter blues begone! Comforting, positive, and bright, yellow naturally brightens and warms our living spaces. Invigorating, it also helps us seize the present moment and invites us to simply be. That’s why yellow Satin (6112-31) can go just about anywhere. Whether it’s on a section of your wall, as an accent colour, or adorning furniture and décor, we love this energy-packed shade that also serves to structure your space. Why not make it an integral part of your bedroom? Here's to waking up on the right side of the bed from now on! 

Just a splash or wall-to-wall, energizing colours are where it’s at! Which room of your home deserves a little facelift?