Energizing Colours vs. Relaxing Colours

At the beginning of my summer racing season, I prepare different courses. I choose these paths based not only on my race time and the quality of the field, but also on the panorama. I definitely want my journey to be filled with greenery, so I can relax and try to empty my head of all thought, because I love to lose myself in beautiful scenery. This also helps get me motivated, which is not the same when I run in the countryside or the city, where each block is grayer than the last. I've always wondered why. Does it have something to do with the vibration of colours?

Have you ever heard about the vibration of colours, also called colour psychology? Numerous serious studies have been devoted to this subject and, according to research, colours emit vibrations and sound. These vibrations also have a direct influence on our emotions. So it's significant that these studies point out that, even with our expressions, we use colours to describe our feelings. For example, we use "paint everything black" to express discouragement — black is linked to depression. Red is associated with aggression — hence, the term "red with anger."

Many international companies use colour for primarily marketing purposes. It's easy to imagine a manufacturer of sports cars choosing a red model for its advertising to convince the public of their performance. However, if you wanted to buy a family car, carmakers would not use this colour — maybe blue, which conveys a sense of security.

I do not know if this is the case for you, but I've noticed that colour greatly influences me. In my everyday life, I give it lots of attention, to the point of choosing bright-coloured clothing on a rainy day — just to brighten up my day.

I could tell you more about different colours and the feelings they evoke in us, but I prefer to let you discover them. In your opinion, what colour energizes you and what colour is relaxing for you?