Dare to go Black in your Bathroom

I've already told you about a project for a client who had asked me to design a "male" kitchen. Well, I've also renovated a master bathroom, opting for a bold colour — black — guaranteed to make a statement! My client and I, of course, had some doubts. Would the room, which was already small, seem even more cramped? We got up the courage and still went ahead with the design, choosing a chic, industrial look.

Because we had a limited budget, we had to work with the existing floor plan and keep the bathtub in place, limiting us to a room upgrade. I chose to work with matching tones and juxtapose black paint with black hexagon-shaped ceramic, bringing energy and style to the room. We used it for the entire floor and the shower floor and walls. A wooden countertop capped it all off, contrasting with the black and adding attention-grabbing styling.

To make this type of space cozy and pleasant, lighting plays a major role. We installed recessed light fixtures. The LED lamps on the market emit bright light, almost equivalent to natural light. We added lamps under the medicine cabinet and connected the system to a dimmer, allowing you to adjust the intensity of all lighting.

Adding plants such as a cactus or eucalyptus brought a touch of greenery that I particularly liked.

As a finishing touch, carefully selected bathroom accessories enhanced it all. Matte black, concrete or black steel contributed to the minimalist and industrial look of the room. Here we even chose a black electronic thermostat for the shower, for a hint of techno.

In the end, this bathroom is an example of an amazing before-after transformation — and I was more than thrilled with the outcome. Black does not have to be totally overwhelming, with the right lighting. A winning strategy every time!