Creating comfort with muted colours


Looking to transform your home into a comfortable oasis? Muted colours are your new best friend.


These sophisticated shades have a cocooning effect, turning your space into a haven of understated luxury. Currently on-trend, they set the tone for an authentic, unpretentious decor look that’s just the right amount of bold. Whether they transport you to the middle of a wheat field or a picturesque seashore, these welcoming tones will make your home even more inviting.
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To escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, discover the top three muted colours of 2019. Put them on your walls today for a home that’s totally on-trend!

Oat Bran (6113-74)

Imagine a country field where sun-bleached oat stalks dance in the wind for as far as the eye can see. Oat Bran (6113-74) is the perfect way to convey this feeling of plenty and wellbeing. Rich, comforting and understated, this ochre yellow is easy to incorporate in any room of your home. In the living room, it adds warmth and stimulates conversation.

It will also aid in decision-making in the office and encourage a feeling of trust in the entryway, making your guests feel right at home as soon as they walk in the door.

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Blue Infinity (6007-83)

Pure, deep and enchanting, Blue Infinity (6007-83) evokes the peaceful rhythm of waves lapping a sandy shore. With a poetic visual effect, this piercing blue relaxes the senses and lets the spirit soar, evoking happy feelings. It creates a sophisticated, serene environment, ideal for your home’s library or rec room.

We also love it for bedrooms, where its hypnotic effect will help you drift off into a deep sleep. Why not use it in your child’s room to make bedtime a little easier?

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Grand Manan Black (6161-83)

Green is easily the most relaxing and peaceful colour there is. Profoundly luxurious, Grand Manan Black (6161-83) is the 2019 SICO® Colour of the Year. Named in honour of the New Brunswick island, this colour evokes cherished memories of vacations spent walking on the beach, birdwatching, and admiring immense cliffs that stay in the mind’s eye long after you return home. This versatile colour pairs perfectly with metallic accents and marble. It’s right at home in both chic decor looks and Scandinavian-style rooms.

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What muted colours do you use to make your home look sublime?