Colourful Geometric Walls in a Few Easy Steps

On a scale of one to ten, how enthusiastic are you about the idea of painting your walls? If instead of answering, you immediately Googled “interior painter wanted,” this fun and easy tutorial is for you! 
Flip through a decorating magazine or spend a few minutes on Pinterest and you’re likely to be filled with a burning desire to fully make over your decor. We all know that one of the easiest ways to update a room is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Because despite your best efforts, your off-white dining room walls haven’t managed to survive the ravages of your offspring. And the unisex yellow shade you chose for the baby’s room way back when is now just about as appealing as a bouquet of dandelions.  
Your walls are a canvas for your life. Why not give them a touch of colour and originality?

4 steps to chevron magic

This year, chevrons are everywhere! Whether on clothes, tiles or pillowcases, this dynamic zigzag motif adds a touch of whimsy wherever it goes, while remaining resolutely modern. 
Now it’s your turn to let it run wild on all or part of a wall by following these four simple steps:
Step 1. Prepare the wall
Paint the wall in your chosen base colour and let dry overnight. Measure the width of the wall, then divide by your desired number of chevrons and mark the wall where each one will go. Repeat for the entire wall or surface you want to cover.
Step 2. Connect with painter’s tape
Connect the points you marked out with painter’s tape, creating alternating rows from top to bottom. Using a pair of scissors, trim any excess tape to create perfect chevron points. If desired, mark the sections you don’t want to paint with an “x” in tape. 
Step 3. Prepare the edges of the chevrons
Paint a light coat of the base colour above and below where the wall meets the tape. This step creates a barrier that prevents the contrasting chevron colour from seeping underneath the tape. Let dry. 
Step 4.
Paint the chevrons
It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Paint the coloured rows. Let dry for a few hours and remove the tape before the paint is completely dry. 

Polka paradise

Paint polka dots large and small in three easy steps

It’s all about embracing chaos. Just look at the latest decorating trends. Along with exuberant wallpaper and dark walls, the 1980s Memphis Group style is back and at its best. We’re seeing pop art colours, asymmetric shapes and kitsch accents. Time to get daring and inventive!

Want to incorporate this trend into your decor? Small or large polka dots are a great way to go. Perfectly spaced or randomly scattered, on walls, furniture or anywhere else, polka dots are a great way to wow your guests. Just follow this versatile three-step technique.

Step 1. Prepare the surface

Apply a base coat to the surface and let dry overnight for best results. Use a store-bought stencil, or make your own by drawing circles on cardboard or plastic and cutting them out with an x-acto knife.

Step 2. Attach the stencil

Starting at the top of the wall, use low tack tape to hold the stencil in place. Paint a light coat of the base colour around the inner contour to prevent your accent colour from seeping under the stencil. Let dry.

Step 3. Paint the polka dots

Using the stencil, paint the polka dots in the colour of your choice and let dry overnight. If you want your dots in a straight line, mark your place directly underneath the stencil, then delicately remove the stencil and reattach it below the previous polka dot.