Breathing New Life Through Colour

Protecting the environment concerns us all. But are there any eco-friendly ways to reinvent your living space? Typically, a whole new look is more about consumption than conservation. Then again, a simple act like recycling can do wonders!

“Bringing your home up-to-date” is often what’s behind the desire for change. Caught the bug? It could not have come at a better time, environmentally speaking. At the moment, the trend is vintage style — or retro — in both fashion and interior design. Lately, for example, the retro cuts of major designers have made a comeback in women’s and men's fashion. That’s not all. There’s also been a surge in new collections that pay homage to styles once popular in the 50s and 60s. These retro-style replicas are now available in most department stores. However, the actual furniture of this time was designed to last a lifetime, so chances are your grandmother's attic or your uncle’s basement contains these forgotten treasures — just waiting for your tender love and care to restore them to their former glory. Showing off these authentic pieces could earn you the prize for “coolest design” in your circle and, more importantly, the title of “eco-friendly.”

There are many ways to give your furniture new life: you can simply restore a piece to its original lustre or opt for a change in colour to transcend its vintage with a fresher look.

Painting remains one of the easiest ways to bring back a youthful glow to your furniture, but there are other methods. Ever thought about giving fabric a try? Recovering the seat of a chair is not too difficult for anyone with a little know-how. Sure, some pieces may require the expertise of an upholsterer, but the results are well worth it. Fabric offers you a wide spectrum of colours, textures, motion and depth to jazz up your new look.

Deciding to restore a piece of furniture is a win-win-win — for you, your living space and the environment.

Breathing new life through colour…Imagine that!