Blue in All Its Splendour: 3 inspiring rooms from our design influencers

For too long, blue has been relegated to the bathroom. But this cool colour is no one-trick pony when it comes to interior design! The most popular colour in the world, blue and its many shades make small spaces look bigger and add a refreshing feel to rooms that get too much sun. 

Using blue in your home is a sure path to balance and happiness. Colour of sky and sea, blue is said by colour psychology experts to evoke infinity, relaxation and purity. In these busy times, surrounding yourself with calming, tranquil tones will help you focus on what’s important and channel positive energy. Choose a deep navy like Moonless Night (6009-83), an exotic turquoise like Caribbean Sea Blue (6003-53), or an enchanting Mystic Cobalt (6008-73). This hue offers as many ambiances as it does shades! 

Here are 3 ideas from our SICO influencers for incorporating blue throughout your home.

In the living room

Colour: Deep Jasper (6010-83)

The living room is a place to enjoy quality time as a family. This studio, created by lifestyle blogger and Instagrammer Stephanie Sterjovski (@StephSterjovski), is a neutral space that’s still rich in character. Stephanie chose an opulent blue called Deep Jasper (6010-83) that pairs perfectly with the neutral grey furniture and the cream tones of the rug. The accent wall technique used in this room catches the eye and highlights the picture gallery above the sofa.

In the bedroom

Colour: New Moon (6009-73)

Your bedroom should help you relax and destress: two things blue is excellent at. Fashion and lifestyle content creator Didier Young (@DidierYHC) went with deep New Moon (6009-73) to create a soothing cocoon. Paired with a monochrome bedding look, this shade is sure to help him get his forty winks.

In the dining room

Colour: Eternal Deep (6005-83)

In the past, people often shied away from blue in the dining room, as it was seen as too exuberant. But we like to shake things up a little! Blogger Roxanne West (@RoxanneAWest) refreshed her sister-in-law’s dining room with this spectacular Eternal Deep (6005-83) blue. She was inspired by her travels and favourite artsy cafés to create this livable space. Check out her profile to see the impressive before and after!

Are you ready to expand your horizons with sky or sea blue?