Beat the Heat All Day Long with these Tips

While I think we all love a nice warm summer day, heat waves can weigh heavily on city dwellers.
Here are three ways to beat the heat throughout the day!

Skip the blow dry. Instead, try twisting your damp hair into a low bun at night, and wake up to natural looking beach waves in the morning. If you can’t skip your morning coffee, try making an iced latte instead of a hot one. Freeze a tray of coffee ice cubes the night before. In the morning, simply add a few coffee cubes to a shot of espresso and some cold milk. Choose loose, billowy clothing in light and natural fabrics. In other words, embrace the white linen dresses! Force yourself to stay hydrated throughout the day by adding mint or lemon to your water. The yummy taste will make you come back for more. Close your curtains when you leave in the morning. This will help your home stay cool during the day.

After the sun sets, open your windows and let the cool air in. Keep some snacks handy to keep you cool throughout the day. One of my favourites is yoghurt popsicles. They’re so simple to make, and just as healthy as eating a regular yoghurt! No pool? No worries! Consider installing an outdoor shower, or cool down the old-fashioned way: sprinklers. Your kids will have endless hours of fun.

For dinner, try light salads that are packed with hydrating foods, like watermelon. One of my favourite salads involves mint, feta, tomatoes and watermelon. Spice it up with some jalapeños or olives. Skip the oven or stove, and get outside for a barbeque. Grill extra vegetables with your meat and make cold grilled vegetable salads for lunch the next day.

Freeze your sheets. Yes, it might sound a little odd, but placing your bed sheets in a plastic bag and throwing it in the freezer for a few hours is an easy way to stay cool at night. Take them out and make the bed just before hitting the hay.