Beach House Bum

We are not all lucky enough to own beach houses, but that doesn't mean we can't all infuse our homes with a little coastal essence. Personally, the beach house vibe in my city apartment brings a smile to my face every day. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation every time I enter my house.

Coastal style doesn’t have to mean blue and white stripes mixed with nautical memorabilia. The modern beach house is designed with two key elements in mind: comfort and low maintenance. Think of sandy feet entering the house and salty air weathering every surface. Think of choosing between doing chores and going to the beach (hint: I choose the latter).

The perfect beach home must be light and bright to maximize those warm summer sun rays. Imagine light colours, whitewashed floors and lots of large windows. It’s also perfect for young and active families, even those living in the city. Durable materials help furnishings stand the test of time while the light colours keep things bright and cheery.

Everything is unfussy in a beach house. It’s not the place for delicate textiles or fragile porcelain tchotchkes. Rugs and fabrics are made for indoor and outdoor use, baskets and trays are made of wicker or rattan. When furniture is covered in white or cream linen, it’s in slipcover form, so that it can all be thrown in the wash at a moment’s notice.

In the spirit of the beach house, vintage finds are also essential. After all, a beach home is meant to be a secondary residence where inexpensive antiques are the norm.

Finally, a good beach house must be comfortable and encourage togetherness. Think of large open-plan family rooms with multiple seating arrangements and cozy game-table corners. The perfect daybed by a window to nap in the sun is also a bonus.