Add life to your home with orange


Decorating with orange? We’re game! Dynamic, friendly and full of life, orange reinvigorates any room of the home by adding instant fun.


Associated with energy and adventure, orange is said to aid in digestion, stimulate the senses and boost immunity. Midway between red and yellow, it plays the role of the little brother who loves to play. This warm colour evokes pumpkins, clementines and magnificent sunsets. It also attracts attention and spurs communication. Here are five ways to add dynamism to your home with orange, from the entryway to the bedroom!

In the dining room

As the dining room is where you share good times with friends and family, it’s crucial to set the stage with the right colour palette. Your colours should reflect the state of mind you want to foster, whet the appetite and spur conversation. For all these reasons, orange is the perfect hue for the dining room. It’s enthusiastic, joyful, and even said to provoke appetite and aid digestion!

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In the office

Having trouble staying motivated? Warm, lively tones like orange have stimulating properties that encourage creativity. Try pairing this zesty hue with purples and pinks for a feminine colour palette that fills a room with elegance. Then, just sit down at your desk and wait for the good ideas to come streaming in!


In the entryway

There’s noting so sweet as a warm welcome. Did you know that it takes just one tenth of asecond for the brain to react to a lively orange paint job? As soon as you enter a room painted in this dynamic colour, you’ll feel an increased urge to express yourself and converse with others. This makes it an ideal shade for creating a cheerful space that makes your guests feel right at home.

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In the family room

Whether you’re looking to create an exotic look with a spicy hue like Bombay Rooftops (6090-74), an electric ambiance with Orangeade (6507-44), or a retro feel with Polished Copper (6085-74), this colour is right at home in the family room. Its warming properties will make this space a joy to be in.

In the bedroom

As orange is a tertiary colour created by mixing red and yellow, it’s actually the warmest colour on the colour wheel. That’s why it lends optimism while stimulating your intellectual—and sexual—faculties. Yeah, we said it: orange is known to spark passion, foster a sense of safety, and pave the way for pleasure. So, a coat of orange paint makes for an exuberant bedroom brimming with wellness and vitality. Our tip? Play with an orange accent behind your headboard in an energetic shade like Chinook Salmon (6063-63).