5 ways to go pink


Pink is more than just a pretty face! This gentle and romantic colour manages to make hearts melt and generate happiness. A study recently revealed that pink-painted kindergarten classrooms translate into children drawing bigger suns, happier smiles, and fewer clouds. The results are in: pink is a recipe for happiness!

A delicate blend of white and red, pink is a colour that both energizes and grounds. People love its warm and uplifting tones that exude passion, pleasure, and energy. Cosmopolitan (6500-13), Red Candy (6051-52), Ningxia Pink (6052-52) and Egyptian Rose (6080-31) are all pinks that soothe the soul and have the added benefit of brightening up those gloomy grey days. Leave any old ideas about this colour where they belong—in the past! Pink is no longer relegated to the kid’s room—these days, you can paint any amount of any room pink!

Here are 5 ways to go pink at home!

1. Alongside organics

With relaxing, gentle tones, pink is a natural choice for the bedroom. For hers, blogger and designer Emma Courtney (@Emscourtney) went with Flower of India (6060-21), a feminine yet all-purpose shade that she paired with boho-chic accessories and organic items. Absolutely flawless.

2. On a textured wall

Scared of scaring off your better half by suggesting a hint of pink for your interior? Take a page from Daneta Budalich (@Danetab) and just dip your toes into it—like with an accent wall! A pink-going-on-orange like Chinook Salmon (6063-63) is a fabulous way to highlight textured walls and make the plant life in your home pop! Kind of like how those pretty little terracotta pots do it.

3. Colour-zoning style

Colour zoning is a quick and easy way to give your space a little character and charm. Instagrammer Daneta Budalich (@Danetab) did hers with a square, frame-like focal point. An original way to add a bit of pink to your child’s bedroom!

4. A splash or more for your door 

It’s the last thing you see when you leave the house and it’s one of the first things you’ll see when you get back, hence why it’s so important to select a colour that’s both calm and inviting. Blogger and Instagrammer Britt Havens (@BrittHavens) transformed her front door into a work of art with the ever-so-delicate Santa Fe Pebble (6073-41).

5. Highlighting your home gallery

When we say pink ushers happiness into the spaces whose walls it graces, here’s proof! Photographer and influencer Anna Argiropoulos (@AnnaWithLove) opted for Promise of Love (6056-21) to breathe new life into her space and highlight her home gallery hanging above the fireplace. Result: pure energy.

How will you incorporate pink into your home?