5 head-turning paint techniques

Whether you’re a new homeowner or simply want a change, giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is undoubtedly one of the best ways to renew your home’s decor.

But when it’s time to get started, it’s always the same old story. You don’t know whether you want a neutral or a bright hue, you go back and forth to the hardware store, you collect endless colour chips ... and in the end, you just paint everything white.

But flip through the pages of your favourite decorating magazine or scroll through your Pinterest boards and you’ll find that stylish modern interiors often use some pretty original painting techniques—not to mention colours! Did you know that architects and interior designers often make colour the central element of a decor look? High-design homes are rich in colour, with varied hues, textured walls and patterned surfaces.

If you dream of eye-catching walls, you should know that wallpaper isn’t your only option. Here are five original paint techniques to take your decor look to a whole new level.


Exploring the geometric trend

Geometric shapes have dominated the decor world for the last few years. We’re particular fans of the triangle. It’s a graphic element that keeps being reinvented, season after season. Vibrant triangular forms will add pep and dynamism to your decor, making them perfect for the office or playroom.

Pro tip
If you’re interested in a Sico colour, check out our handpicked duo and trio colour combinations. They’re available for each and every one of our paint colours. This way, you’ll always know how to create the perfect colour scheme. And your triangles will be perfectly coordinated!

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Optical illusions with colour zoning

Want to draw the eyes to the top of a room? Or create an instant focal point? Zoning is a great way to get creative with your favourite colours and try new shades. Just use some masking tape to create straight lines, paint your walls, and presto! We love the contemporary effect this technique creates. Using a simple design to put two ultra-contrasting colours next to each other is sure to be a conversation starter in your home. And the possibilities are endless!

From walls to moulding

If you only play with colour on your walls, you’re missing out on some fabulous pairing opportunities. All it takes is the right shades … and a little bravery! Use door and window frames, moulding, baseboards, or ceilings as a canvas for creative colour combinations. A wall painted Cobalt Shadow blue (6008-83), for example, looks great with moulding in Arles Yellow (6094-42). You might be surprised by how much you love the results! 

Half and half  

The half and half technique is a simple way to add a touch of colour and vitality to a room. Two-toned cabinets are all the rage in kitchen design, but why not apply this freshly back-in-style technique in the bedroom, too? Use it to create eye-catching contrasts with a bright secondary colour. This way, you can add something special to your room’s look without sacrificing your beauty sleep.

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Oh-so ombré

One of this year’s most interesting trends is the ombré wall, in which one colour fades into another. This delicate, flowy look conveys luxury, luminosity and freshness. It just takes a little time and creativity. Apply this technique to turn a hard-to-decorate space like a bathroom or entranceway into a beautifully serene haven. To pull it off, choose a main colour and apply it in 3 to 5 different shades, from light to dark. Keep the differences between the shades subtle, and the overall look will be more harmonious and Zen.