5 Bright Bedroom Colours That Won’t Keep You Awake at Night

Talking about bright colours for the bedroom is like asking “anybody want coffee?” after 8 p.m. Some people will look at you like you’re crazy, while others will say, “sounds great!”

It’s often said that the bedroom is no place for bright colours, as they’ll keep you awake at night. But it’s the room where we spend around a third of our lives! So it’s crucial to make it a cheerful spot you love to be in.

Here’s our tip: opt for minimalist decor that facilitates movement around the space. When it comes to colour, neutrals always provide the best effect, especially when paired with bright secondary colours to add vitality and pep. Check out the 5 bright colours we love incorporating in the bedroom.

1. Portrait Yellow (6094-64)

Yellow is the colour of happiness. Comforting, robust and luminous, it’s the ideal hue if you want to get up on the right side of the bed in the morning. We especially love it on part of a wall, either the top or bottom. This helps add structure and form to a space. Add cushions or a throw in the same tones for the ultimate in bedroom bliss! 

2. Emerald Heart green (6130-84)

Green in the bedroom: for or against? Opinions vary, but we love dark green in the bedroom for its cocooning effect. If your room has large windows and lots of natural light, this deep, luxurious colour is sure to look right at home. 

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(Photo Credit: The Design Wonder Woman)

3. Electric Glow blue (6006-21)

Need a hand getting up in the morning? A bright, luminous blue like Electric Glow (6006-21) will expand and energize your space. Pair it with raw materials for a shabby-chic vintage look and add some plants for a calming, natural touch.

4. Black Cherry red (6053-85)

Want a room that’s as glamorous as you are? Treat yourself to a bedroom filled with luxury and elegance. A wall painted in Black Cherry (6053-85) makes a bold statement and is the perfect backdrop for both celebrating and relaxing. Not ready to paint an entire wall in such a deep shade? Then use it as an accent around your headboard, drawing the eyes to the room’s focal point.

(Photo Credit: Côté maison)

5. Pastel medley: Siesta (6012-31), Shimmering Mirage (6026-11) and Classical Pink (6066-21)

Bring asymmetry and geometric shapes into your bedroom to create an enchanting visual effect. Easy to execute, geometric shapes add a little whimsy wherever they go. Let your imagination run wild with polka dots, ovals, triangles, or any other shape to liven up your personal oasis.

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(Photo Credit: Côté maison)