10 Tips for a Motivating Office Space

What could be more inspiring than an office you want to seek refuge and unleash your creativity in? Gone are the days of working at the kitchen table or sitting uncomfortably on the sofa. It’s time to treat yourself to a workspace that gets your motivation flowing!


1. The Many Benefits of Plants

Studies show that workers surrounded by green plants experience greater wellbeing and increased productivity at work. Green symbolizes life, growth, and harmony, and has calming properties that encourage relaxation … something we tend to neglect at work!


2. Get Inspired by Metal

Isn’t it nice to rest your eyes on shiny objects that evoke a feeling of luxury? This tip is simple: choose a dominant metal to decorate your space and shine a light on your ideas! To really make your eclectic decor pop, place your metallic accents against walls painted in the right colour to show them off. Dark walls, for example, are best for highlighting cold metals like chrome and silver. Warm colours such as red, orange, yellow and brown, on the other hand, go best with warm metals like gold, copper or brass.

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3. Add Vitality with Colour

In search of motivation? Warm, bright colours like red, yellow and orange stimulate the senses and spur creativity. Lighter colours, on the other hand, promote concentration. Don’t let your world be awash in white: the Sico colour palette offers no fewer than 1,834 possibilities!


4. 100% Storage

An orderly office is the key to success. Wall shelves, bookshelves, storage boxes, filing cabinets: it’s up to you to choose what suits your needs. It’s also a great chance to personalize your workspace. For example, these colourful DIY shelves are great for holding energy-giving plants. Go wild with creative, colourful projects!


5. DIY Decor

Speaking of DIY, there’s nothing better than entering a space brimming with originality. Adding a few made-by-hand accents will transform your office into a unique space.

Learn how to make these faux cacti from painted stones here.


6. The Importance of Ergonomics

When designing your home office, think about going off the beaten path.  The company FluidStance sells surfboard-style platforms that require workers to exert a constant (but light) effort to keep their balance. According to founder Joel Heath, it’s the best of the best in ergonomics. Just add a desk, and you’re done!


7. Light Therapy

If the room permits, orient your desk to face a window. Light boosts your mood, and we all need it in winter. Don’t have natural light? Get a light therapy lamp, also known as a sun lamp. Experts believe that 30 minutes of daily exposure has the same beneficial effects as sunlight.


8. Put it on the Mood Board

A mood board lets you minimize the clutter on your desk and walls while boosting inspiration and creativity. Go one step further and fill it with photos in a colour that complements (or contrasts with) your walls.


9. A Well-Deserved Break

One of the best ways to maximize productivity is to banish all distractions. This means that your office should remain 100% dedicated to work. But why not set aside part of the room for a relaxation space? Our suggestion: set up an armchair just for procrastination, where you can surf Facebook guilt-free and enjoy a break. You deserve it!


10. Details Make All the Difference  

A rug for working barefoot? Why not!  Somewhere for your furry friend to snooze? We love it!