3 Ways to Make Your Home a Green Oasis


This year, we chose a deep green called Grand Manan Black (6161-83) for our Colour of the Year. Half-warm, half-cool, green is always a sure bet for enhancing your interior—and the possibilities are endless!

Difficile de parler du vert sans s’imaginer des arbres en feuilles, de grandes prairies ou de délicieuses pommes Granny Smith. Bref, le vert est la couleur qui représente le mieux la nature. Née de l’association d’une couleur froide, le bleu, et d’une couleur chaude, le jaune, c’est la couleur de l’équilibre. Symbolisant la vie, la croissance et l’harmonie, le vert possède des propriétés apaisantes qui inspirent la confiance.

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Nous avons invité trois influenceurs à laisser entrer cette teinte relaxante dans leur foyer. Voici comment elles ont choisi de l’agencer!

Forest green for the kids’ room

Little kids are bursting with creativity … and energy! Instagrammer and mother of three Britt Havens (@BrittHavens) wanted to keep her kids’ space neutral ... but her little ones wanted colour. To find a happy balance, she opted for a half-wall technique, giving the space an airy look. Pairing green with a secondary colour creates an eye-catching contrast that livens up the room. Britt chose a refreshing classic, Boreal Forest green (6167-83), for a calm ambiance that’s still great for playtime.

Grey-tinted green for a Bohemian living room

Green is a colour that looks great with modern materials as well as rustic ones. Here, Toronto Instagrammer Lynda McKeen (@TheMcKeens) chose Bombay Cat (6203-73), a deep green tinged with grey, for her living room accent wall. This painting technique highlights the gold decor and wooden details around the room while creating an impactful visual effect.

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Soft green for the nursery

The nursery should be a cozy, comforting space where your newborn will—hopefully—drift straight off into a peaceful slumber. For her firstborn, designer and decorator Kirsten Diane Haeber (@Kirsten.Diane) chose the soft colour Peaceful Green (6166-21), which totally suits its name. When used on textured walls or moulding, this colour creates the illusion of depth, making rooms look bigger.

Which of these rooms most inspires you?